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In Progress- Tiny Hallway Makeover

Currently tackling the décor of our new home room by room.  We made it a point to start in the spaces we spend the most time in or have our eyes on the most.

There is a tiny hallway just off the garage entry into the house that desperately needed a face lift.  The off white paint was dingy and even though it was a lighter color, it still felt dark and dungeony.  In order to get to the downstairs bathroom, you have to walk down this tiny bland corridor, which we do several times a day.

We decided on a shiplap wall treatment, continuing the shiplap from the living room. Before I remembered to get a “before” photo, I had already started with the first board. whoopsie.

I marked the stud locations on the wall to make nailing a whole lot easier.


I went about 3/4 of the way up the wall with the shiplap, and topped it off with a nice piece of trim.  Got the boards up in less than 1 hour.  Then it was time to paint.

My absolute favorite white is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Luckily the shiplap from Home Depot came primed and ready to paint so I only needed 2 good coats of the SW color.  I kept going with the Alabaster and did the surrounding walls.


While I waited for the first coat on the shiplap to dry, I started planning the wall décor.  I thrifted this beautiful vintage yellow accordion mug holder last month and I knew it would make a hallway organizer/hanger thingy.  It was perfect.


From the hoard pile I pulled 2 plaster corbels I’ve been wanting to use for a shelf.

Here is the shiplap with the second coat of paint.

I did a shelf test run with a scrap piece of wood.  This particular board is too warped to live on this wall, boo.  I’ll have to find another board.  But atleast I know this view coming out of the bathroom will be much prettier than before!

I’ll be working on the finishing and decorating this happy space the rest of the week.

Here is the price breakdown so far:

  • shiplap: 10 8ft boards  x $4.86 = 48.60 (plus tax)
  • accordion organizer $8 at a thrift store
  • plaster corbels were free from my dad’s junk pile
  • SW Alabaster paint 1 Gallon = $30

I am excited this quick makeover didn’t break the bank but has such a big impact!


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