UPCYCLED – Baby Knot Hat from Summer Dress

In between making gifts and filling orders, I like to motivate myself with new ideas. I’ve been wanting to sew a baby knot hat for a long time now just haven’t found the time or right materials.

This week’s ‘quickie project’ came when I was cleaning out my closet of all the old and ill-fitting things. You ever buy something after you convince yourself it will look great only for it to sit in your closet for over a year unworn? Yea, I shoulda known better than to buy a short, strapless, fitted cotton knit dress last year. The fabric is a stretchy nautical looking blue and white striped knit but clearly the style of the dress was more for a teenager. I had told myself it would look great for summer, maybe in Vegas… just needed to lose a few pounds, tone my legs… you know the usual clothes pep talk. Well, that didn’t happen. So instead of tossing the never worn dress, I thought I would get something out of the fabric it was made up of.

The front of the dress is sewn in panels, which doesn’t give a lot of usable continuous fabric.

knit dressThe back of the dress, had a lot more to offer.

dress Once I had the front and back separated, I laid out my pattern pieces. Yes, the shape of the hat pattern looks hilarious. But that is exactly what it is needed for the Top Knot Hat. I was luck that there was just enough in the panels for a newborn size hat.

dressI cut 2 of each. I liked the look of the stripes for the band being in a different direction. Luckily, the stretch in the bias was not a problem for the fabric.

top knot hatWith the right sides together, I serged around the edges of the hat.

dressI serged the short edges of the band together and turned both pieces right side out

knot hatI slid the hat into the center of the band (right sides touching) so that the raw edges of both the hat and band were together.

top knot hatI serged along the edge all the way around. Then folded the band down.

knot hatTied a knot into the ‘tail’.

top knot hatFold the band up in half, wait for the sun to come up to capture a daytime photo, and TADA!

top knot hatTook me a whopping 15 minutes to whip this guy up! Not kidding. Left me itching to make more. I now have a pile of cotton knit clothes waiting to be rescued into something new and enjoyable. Best part is it cost me nothing!

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