Baby Leggings

In between requests and projects that are a must to complete, I like to give myself a creative break by doing something that keeps me motivated and happy.  I reward myself with these pauses to keep things exciting.

cup crafty

This month my “fun” project is baby leggings!  Who doesn’t love stretchy pants!!  My serger sewing machine has been hard at work sewing these tiny pants up.   These are some of the fun knit fabrics I’ve been working with.

Pink and Black Chevron

This pair was one of my first to experiment with.  I used the stretch stitch on my sewing machine for the waistband and hem.  I wasn’t too crazy about how the stitch looked on the top side but I was able to put the leggings together.

chevron leggings

Red and Black Hounstooth

houndstooth leggings

Brown Moose print

Once I got to this pair I was starting to become a somewhat of a tiny legging expert.  I went out and bought the double needle attachment for my sewing machine to get a more refined finish.  It was a GOOD buy!  I love how the waistband and hems look using the double need instead of the stretch stitch.

moose leggings

Here is a happy model with his tiny Moose pants

moose leggingsIt’s hard to tell from the photos but these are super tiny, ranging in sizes from newborn to 18 months.  My goal is to stock up on various sizes and  prints to have them ready in the fall  for a shop release.

Dog Chronicle of the day:

This is the giant face thats hard to dodge.  Especially when I am trying to get work done.  She tried to climb into my lap when I am sewing as if saying “pay attention to me!”great dane

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