Crochet Toddler Sunburst Dress

When I get excited about a project my OCD causes a little bit of a obession.  This one haunted me for several nights as I lay in bed planning the colors, pattern, and where to find time to squeeze it in. 

This adorable dress is made up of granny squares for the bodice and gathered fabric for the skirt portion.  Making each section was fairly easy, putting the two mediums together was the tricky part.

crochet sunburst dress

I wanted to do something other than a traditional granny square so I decided on the Sunburst Circle Granny Square.  Crochet squares like these are great for using up bits of yarn left over from other projects.  I knew I wanted to use gray and purple (one of my go to color combos), but I couldn’t decide on a 3rd complimentary color.  Then my husband came home with these for me…


This beautiful yellow looked so good next to the other purple flowers, it became inspiration for the center of the sunburst squares. 

sunburst crochet squares

I researched patterns and measurements necessary for a girl’s dress/tunic.  Without a pattern, I was winging the entire thing.  For a 2T size, I put together enough squares for a 21 inch chest measurement (with a little bit of overlap for a button closure in the back).  I added an elastic to the gathered portion of the fabric to not only make it comfortable to wear but also to make the sizing a bit more forgiving.  Once the squares were all together and the skirt portion closed and hemmed up, I carefully stitched the 2 together. 

I was so excited to finish it that I couldn’t wait another day to take better daytime photos.  Not only can this be worn as a dress but also as a shirt/tunic with leggings!  I’m already working on another with pink and white squares.  I will be sharing better photos once its complete.

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