Folklorico Charras Zipper Pouch

Folklorico Charras Zipper Pouch

I’ve had this beautiful cotton Alexander Henry fabric for months now just waiting for the perfect project.  The fabric has several scenes with beautiful Mexican women (cowgirls). 

My Pinterest boards are now overflowing with sewing ideas and tutorials.  One of the most recent that proved to be helpful was a tutorial for a simple zipper pouch.   FlossieTeaCakes has a very detailed tutorial and I loved the attention to detail which results in a very polished pouch. 

I gathered my Charras, complimentary lining fabric, and zipper along with my Ipad to follow along with the tutorial.  Super simple project and I was SUPER excited at the success of my first attempt.  Finished size is 7″x5″, perfect for a cosmetic pouch.  These ladies are worthy of being shown off!

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