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DIY – Tshirt Cork Board and Glass Bulletin Board

In looking ideas to create an entry way memo center I didn’t want to spend very much, so I searched for things I could repurpose for this task.  This was an easy two-part project. 

Bulletin Board

I had an empty 16 x 20 picture frame I had been lugging around from move to move.  Figured dry erase markers work just the same on glass as they do on the white boards so why not glam it up a little.  I took some light-colored holiday wrapping paper for the inside of the frame (which I can change out seasonally).  In less than 2 minutes, had a glam board to scribble my grocery list and other to-do’s!


T-shirt Cork Boards

We all probably have some circle cork pot trivets (made for placing hot pots on the countertop).  I had an inexpensive set of 3 from Ikea.  Instead of covering them with just any old fabric scraps, I wanted to use the opportunity for something more meaningful. It was a difficult decision, but I took a couple of my son’s favorite old t-shirts and used those to cover the cork instead.  It was difficult because it required cutting out the needed portions from the shirts but I was happy they would be put to good use.  After cutting the fabric about 3 inches larger than the cork circle, I sprayed the cork with the adhesive, and placed the sticky side on the wrong side of the fabric pulling the ends of fabric over the cork edges tightly to the back.

And there you have it, fabric covered cork circles that can be placed together in your memo center.  My favorite part of this wall are the t-shirts I can see everyday now, instead of having them packed away in a box somewhere.  The best part of both of these projects, FREE!!