BTS: Serape Paci Clip

I’ve been making tether clips for a few years now for others but now that I have my son using them for everrrrything I want everyone to know just how helpful they are to have. I not only use these tethers for his pacifiers but also for teething items, and other regular toys. They keep his favorite things from falling to the ground and as a result, CLEAN. Plus he seems to really like the metal end of the clip against his gums. Poor baby is teething all the time and loves gnawing on the clips. I probably have 10+ clips in rotation around the house, car, and in diaper bags. They wash up really well and are holding up nicely!

Tethers are quick and easy to make, there are several really good tutorials out there. I made a time lapse video of a serape tether I made to fill an Etsy order. There are 3 main steps but I can whip one up in about 10 minutes now. I list tethers with various fabrics and prints for sale in my Etsy store, for reasonable prices. After all it doesn’t take much in fabric or time. And I don’t know what I’d do without em now!

So if you’re feeling crafty, and could use a tether type solution for something, make yourself one! I’ll link an in depth tutorial here from Make it-Love it where I learned how to make my first one.  She does a great job on explaining each step.

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