Whats on the hook Wednesday!

Well, its been a while since my last post.  So much to talk about!  Things at home have been a little hectic, actually a lot hectic.  In the midst of it all I have found my new obsession….. embroidery letters on coffee cozies!

embroidery cozy

I am excited about ALL of them and have started to slowly add them to the Etsy shop.  They will make great stocking stuffers!

This Star Trek inspired cozy was a request from my sister Cristina.  Challenge accepted and it turned out wayyyy better than I imagined!

star trek cozy

It just went up from there.

Here is a Dr. Who inspired cozy with an awesome red bow tie.

Dr who cozy
Annnnd my favorite from the grumpy Christmas collection

lost it in nom

I love it, need to make more since the original one already sold!


Puppy Chronicles

Oh yea, you read that right…. PUPPY chronicles.  Here is our newest member of the family.

Optimus the Great Dane

great dane with strangles

He came to us while recovering from a rare auto-immune disease called strangles (ugly name I know).  Affects puppies at a specific age and is a pretty miserable disease.  His face and ears pretty much blistered up and ruptured, leaving lots of scabs and scars.  With the early detection and treatment there should be no long term effects from the disease.

great dane 8 weeks

He is the sweetest pup I have ever seen! Super calm, smart, obedient, and CUDDLY!

Right away he became Ivy’s shadow.  She is very generous and shares everything with him.

great dane

She has been teaching him her ways and he is picking up very quickly on all the house rules.

great dane

She is patient with him, even when she is ready for a nap and no longer wants to play.

great dane

Then. BAM. Out of nowhere.

great dane broken leg

Just when we get a routine going and he is weaning off his medications…. he breaks a leg in a freak “ima try to jump of the bed” incident…and then Ivy also gets sick. (On a positive note his face is looking better every day and fur is growing in.)

great dane

As you can see the last couple weeks have been adventure filled but lacking in the craft area.  Everyone is on the mend now and being waited on hand and foot.  Hopefully we get back to a less stressful routine soon and everyone can get back to what they enjoy doing.

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  1. Strangles also happens to horses, very contagious in certain stages. Hard to see. Your little guy should recover fine , especially with all the love in your home.

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