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Air Plants and Vintage Drawer Pulls

Been loving the new chalk board wall in the family area of our home.  On Mother’s day I came down and was surprised to see my husband has also found his inner artist.

air plant

Notice the newest residents of the chalk board in the upper right corner…. AIR PLANTS!

I have been scouring the house looking for the perfect place to put some.  There are some beautiful air plant terrariums out there but I was hoping to keep this idea low-budget.  I found a great Etsy shop also located in California called CTS Airplants  which had exactly the plants I was looking for at very reasonable prices.  They had a great little pack of Mini Tillandsia and it arrived in just a couple of days.  During a spur of the moment trip to Restore and Rework earlier in the month I was on a hunt for any type of old hardware that would serve as a good home for tiny air plants.  Of course I found some!  I introduced the two to one another and here’s the result:

air plant

A perfect marriage between vintage copper handles and tiny 2 inch air plants.  I screwed the drawer pulls directly onto the chalk board and slid the plants right in to their cozy new homes.  Every few days I spray the plants with some water and they are happy!  Another project added to my own list of vintage revivals.

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