UPCYLED – Granny Knit Sweater Throw Pillow

My sister Cristina and I have been swamped with Halloween character hat orders lately. She features some of the latest creations on her blog over at A Crafty Day. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I try to sneak in ‘happy projects’ for me where ever I can to keep me motivated about crafting. Most are quick and inexpensive, sometimes freebies.

This week’s inspiration came out of nowhere as I was cleaning out my closet. I have this knit sweater cardigan that I love to wear when I’m lounging around but I have to admit it has seen better days. After an accidental cycle in the dryer, it lost a little of its shape and I’ve been trying to mend the little frays. I knew its days as a sweater were numbered.

We recently purchased a new couch, after our dog decided to use our old leather couch as a chew toy….. and I do mean the ENTIRE couch.

photo 1I did manage to rescue the couch from its doom. I stuffed it back up and stitched what I could back together, almost as good as new. But the damage was done and she convinced me we needed a replacement. After bringing the new one home, I decided the color scheme in the living room needed a change as well. That meant starting with new throw pillows! I have a hard time shelling out money for pricey throw pillows and cushions, especially when I can sew up a square of fabric (of my choosing) for a lot cheaper.

This is where my granny sweater came in handy. Winter is coming and I really want to add some whites to the new dark slate couch. I also want to incorporate textures and cozy winter-y items. As I held up my sweater, I thought to myself “Duh! I could use this for a pillow”! The sweater was an ivory color and had a beautiful cabling on the front that would look amazing on the front of a small cushion.

photo 2I had to jump on the idea, before I changed my mind. I took the sweater to my cutting table and started my project.

I cut of the arms first

photo 1Then started pinned the front closed in preparation to sew a square up.

photo 2See the cabling? I made sure to pin and sew close to the edge in order to keep as much as the original cables as possible.

photo 3Luckily I remembered to do everything on the wrong side so that the stitching would be on the inside of the pillow.

This is the right side with the front stitched together. Pretty huh?

photo 4I then continued pinning and sewing, creating a square for my pillow. photo 5I trimmed off all the excess fabric outside of my square

photo 1I grabbed my muslin covered pillow (which I put together in two and a half minutes)…

photo 2Flipped my new square right side out …

photo 3Sewed up the last opening and Voila! Isn’t she gorgeous?!

photo 4I took into account the stretch in the knit fabric and made the square smaller so that the knit cables would stretch enough to lay beautifully.

photo 3(1) The texture is just what I was looking for. Now I am on the hunt for accessories to match. I love that I got to keep my sweater and it didn’t cost me a thing!

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