Pink R2D2 – Cus Little Girls Can Be Nerdy Too

One of our most popular hats is the Classic R2D2 hat I came up with right before the start of the holidays. This is an original pattern and took quite a bit of trial and error.  I was getting a little R2D2’d out with so many requests for this awesome little guy.

 At one point I was surrounded by an R2 army.

crochet R2D2

So with advice from my sister Cristina I threw pink into the mix and created a perfect little girl’s Star Wars hat!

She’s pretty cool huh?

crochet pink R2D2

She was my ‘happy’ project at the time.  For those that don’t know, that means it was a ‘I really don’t have time but I’m gonna make something I shouldn’t just to make me happy and keep me motivated”.

For anyone interested in purchasing a finished hat in this style (or the classic blue R2), head on over to our Etsy store.


Dog Chronicles

Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of everyday life with my Dane – the glue that helps hold me together.

great dane sitting on lap

She’s 14 months now, and still growing.

I heart her.

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