Crochet Masa Bag

You know how sometimes you stumble across inspiration when you least expect it?  Happened to me the other day.  I was already set on purse/tote crochet projects for the spring when out of nowhere, this little gem found me…

 crochet masa bag

The creator calls it The Masa Bag.  It’s a fairly simple crochet bag.  The whole thing can be done in a large rectangle of single crochet or half double crochet, nothing crazy.  What makes it interesting is the way it is folded to create sort of Origami effect.  She has a description of how she made hers with an explanation on how to fold it. 

Only changes I made were to the dimensions of the bag.  I found with the measurements in the tutorial, my bag came out smaller than I anticipated.  So I made up another and just added a few inches to length and width.  I used a brown multicolored acrylic worsted yarn.  I am finding the heavier worsted yarn that I skip up for other projects is great for tightly crochet bags like this one.  Best part, no lining required!


crochet bag

crochet bag

crochet bag

I have another in purple shades in the works, hopefully I’ll remember to take photos of how to fold the bag together!

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    1. Ohhhh!! The link I have to the original creator has a drawing/diagram on how to fold, but if that doesn’t help I hope I can help you! I will be taking pics of every step and posting them soon.

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