Baby Ugg Booties

After several practice run attempts at this project. I finally perfected it and have a finished pair of Ugg style baby booties.  I first saw these on Etsy at Yarn Blossom Boutique and the creator also had the pattern for sale.  I thought I would take on the challenge of trying to make them myself and purchased the pattern.  The seller was extremely helpful by making herself available for any necessary questions regarding the pattern.

I am super excited about the finished product and have started to make several in various baby girl friendly colors for family and friends.  I was even motivated to finally order some custom merchandise tags from  This website is AMAZING. They offer business cards, mini-cards, postcards, and stickers ALL with custom pictures, text, and logos.  There are so many creative ways to use their products.  They offer the ability to print a different picture on every single card ordered in a pack!  Great option for photographers or even for holiday cards. Did I mention the cards are fairly inexpensive?  My favorite mini-cards come 100 for $20. I used a stock image from their website for my new “logo” and on the back had my blog web address printed.  The second card I am attaching has “handmade” printed on it and the back of that card has detailed care instructions for the item. I’m hoping these cards give my crocheted/sewed items a bit more of that “special” feeling when given to my friends and family.  I hope to get my own Etsy store set up in the near future and I’m sure my moo cards will help establish a brand.

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