Bathroom Demo!

With our vision on paper and Jeffrey Court tile in hand, we can start demo on the bathroom!

When I told my father we were starting a bathroom project his first reaction was “but why, it’s a perfectly good bathroom?!”.  Yes, yes it is a perfectly good bathroom, but I am going to change it because I WANT TO. He might not ever wrap his head around that and that’s ok.

We started by removing the door in order to better access all of the surface areas.

Then went the floating shelves.

Applying tape the front of the glued on builder grade mirror will help minimize the shards of glass that might go flying in the event the mirror breaks when we try to pry it off.  

Next up was the medicine cabinet.  I haven’t decided what we will be replacing this cabinet with, if anything.  I’m liking the idea of art work on this wall.

Now we are getting somewhere

The least glamorous item to remove from a bathroom is by far the toilet.  Luckily we have plans to replace this one so I am very happy to see it go.

Chair rail and beadboard proved harder to remove.  Who ever installed the two did not hold back on the adhesive and nails.

Our son saw it was a work day and quickly grabbed his drill to join in on the fun.

The sink that tops the vanity is tile, not one piece.   

It was going to require some muscle to remove.  I grabbed a chisel and mallet to break the grout away from the wall so we can get the cabinet out.

So close to a clean slate!

Bye bye selfie shower door!

Up until this point, demo was a breeze.  This is where things got sticky.  Starting with the fiberglass shower stall.  We gave it all we had trying to pry the panels off, but the adhesive was not budging.  Knowing we were going to have to be replacing the drywall that sat underneath anyway, we started cutting away at the surrounding wall in order to get leverage on the panels.  

It came off in pieces and it was not pretty.  But we got it!

We went ahead and removed the drywall where we would be replacing it with cement backerboard for that good foundation our beautiful tilewas going to need to sit on.

Our goal was to have demo completed in 1 day, the old tile threw a wrench into those plans.  

My chisel and hammer were proving to not be as mighty against the floor tile as they had been for the small sink tiles.

We decided to head to The Home Depot to see about getting a rotary hammer drill that would make removing the tile much easier.

We quickly found the right tool for the job.  The only problem….. the price was a lot higher than we were willing to pay.  Tools are very much an investment and we could not justify going over budget on supplies for these 20 tiles.

Back home to our chisel and hammer we went

Knowing we had gorgeous Jeffrey Court tile waiting to go down on this floor kept us going.  It was worth every hammer swing.

The two day demo process gave us the clean slate we were after. Before we tackle the Potpourri Medley hexagon tiles for the new floor, I’ll be going over any remnants of the old mortar with a grinder to make sure there is a flat and level surface for the floor tiles.

Can you already see how amazing the new bathroom is going to look??! I CAN!

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