Garage Tool Organization

We have been chipping away at house projects for 5 months now.  Our tools have been scattered in the garage and hard to keep track of while we work on things inside, driving me crazy.  We FINALLY decided to get the tools organized and on a peg board like our last home (which was inspired by The Creativity Exchange) .  Since we had the experience of doing it before, it only took us a couple of hours to get everything up on the wall.

First we cleared the wall of an old cabinet we didn’t have a need for.  And measured everything out for our materials.

We used: (1) 4×8 pegboard sheet, (3) 1×3 8′ pine , (2) 1×6 8′ MDF boards, (2) 2×2 8′ pine

We put up a ‘frame’ using 1×3 pine into the studs where the peg board would sit atop

Then secured the pegboard sections onto the ‘frame’

MDF shelves went up on top of 2×2 cleats to hold all the spray paints and cans

Then it was time to put up all of the hooks and pegs for everything to have a place.


In just one evening, we transformed the garage and made future projects much easier to tackle

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