Giving Family History and Love

Sometimes, the best gifts can’t be bought in stores.

Last month I received 2 priceless gifts from two influential women in my life.  The first was from my mom… a pair of small scissors that once belonged to my grandmother.  They were used daily for her crochet and needlework up until she passed a few years ago.  No new fancy expensive pair of scissors can even begin to compare to this tiny metal pair containing a vault of history.   Creating useful handmade items runs in my blood.  My grandmother and mom have always sewn, crocheted, and crafted any and everything their hearts desired.  Both were self-taught and created out of necessity.  I am fortunate enough to have many blessings and can create as a hobby.  Our goal is to keep these crafts alive and support all things handmade.  The scissors fit perfectly in my crochet hook case and I use them with almost every project now.

The second and also unexpected gift that same week came from my mother-in-law.  She is also very crafty and enjoys spending her time making jewelry.  She fashioned a bracelet for me using a measuring tape that belonged to my grandmother-in-law.  I’ve been wanting a bracelet like this for sometime now and my mother-in-law must have heard me mention it.

I will treasure these items as they mean more to me than anything money can buy.

scissors and measuring tape


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