Marine Baby Ballet Flats

The latest challenge I have taken on is sewing these baby shoes.  I have gotten pretty good at crocheting tiny footwear so of course, time to tackle something new!  As I searched Etsy shoes I found this perfect pattern at WinterPeach Etsy shop for tiny mary janes.  The pattern was very clear and detailed.  The seams are all hidden and several sizes are included.  This Marine cammy print was a special request.  I lined it with soft flannel and used tan ribbon for a bow.  I didn’t want to use plain white elastic over the top of the shoe so I searched for ideas.  This is a size 0 shoe so believe me when I say it is itty bitty.  Then it dawned on me, hair scrunchies are elastic annnnnd they come in all different colors!  Off to the pharmacy I went.  I bought a variety pack of soft hair elastics that are going to come in handy for all the tiny mary janes I cant wait to make.

Perspective on newborn shoe size!

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