Teeny Tiny Crochet Bow and The Angry Bird

This week's happy project is this awesome crochet bow. This lilac color is one of my all time favorites and can be seen in a lot of my yarn work.  The bow is on a chain and can be worn as a headband or even as a bowtie! Find it here in the shop. Dog Chronicles:… Continue reading Teeny Tiny Crochet Bow and The Angry Bird


Baby Bear Headband

Spent some time making a few of these little guys the other day. My mother in law and I shared some crafty time as she helped me complete the tiny headbands. I love that they are different from the usual flower headbands.

Crochet · Sewing

Prepping for the Christmas Boutique

After a successful first showing at last month's Harvest Festival, we are hard at work for next week's Christmas Boutique being put together by our newest craft fair friend. Women's accessories were a big hit last month so I am trying my hand at a few new winter items. Here's a peek at some of… Continue reading Prepping for the Christmas Boutique


Women’s Crochet Headband

Throw some water on me, yes I'm on fire hehehe.  Tackling some crochet inspirations this week including this chic crochet headband.  I first found this version at AllAboutAmi and she offers a very easy tutorial.  Inspiration: My Version: Love it!!  I don't consider myself to be a good a model as Ami but I might try… Continue reading Women’s Crochet Headband